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Member Policy

The Konduck membership goal is to verify and expedite Check-in at the Americas Best Value inn Redlands (ABVIr) and possibly other properties in future. A Konduck member is trusted guest who "Conduct" themselves with regards and adhere to the rules set by the ABVIr  and possibly other properties in future.  By signing up you agree to the terms listed below. Only guest who can qualify for membership are who have stayed at the ABVIr property for 10 or more days, have always paid for rental on time, and are not in "do not rent" list.

Member must provide accurate information necessary to occupy hotel/motel business. You agree to provide a valid Identification card or a Driver license or Passport at the location of the property, no photocopies or digital copies accepted. The information will be stored with and the property the member stays at. The information will be kept for 3 years after membership is discontinued . Member must follow all the Hotel polices listed Here.

Member cannot transfer a room rental to another person that is a non-member or unregistered person. Only member and one guest may occupy the room. Any member that do not conform with Hotel or Member Policy will not be able to self check-in and may be banned from renting a room at the property.

Only members have access to Key Locker box. Improper use or sharing of codes is prohibited and will result in membership cancellation.  Accessing Key Locker box without payment will also result in membership cancellation.

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